Ningbo Leader Electrical Corp.
Unit A, 19 F., 168 Baizhang Road, Ningbo 315040, China.

Tel.: +86-574-27912561
Fax: +86-574-87706760
Contact Person: Zoe Chen

Services and Support

Since our beginnings, we have placed a strong emphasis on providing customers with quick responses and solutions to any issue they may encounter with our products. Our research and development team along with our customer service team are available and ready to work with you so that you can be sure to receive high-functioning and quality products. We promise the following three services.

1) All materials are made by reliable Chinese suppliers. Each HVAC equipment and accessory has a warranty period within which we'll provide free replacement services for any problems with the quality of your purchase.

2) We will manufacture and deliver orders as soon as possible, usually within 28 days after the order is confirmed.

3) Our professional technician team serves customers around the world, helping you select the right machine with the right technical specifications that works for your factory.

If you are looking for reliable HVAC and refrigeration equipment, parts and tools, contact us today.